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*Yuli Township*
Yuli Township’s most enchanting scenery is the sea of daylily flowers located in the Chihke Mountain Scenic Area. The daylily flowering season takes place every year from early August to late September. On the gentle hills of the
Coastal Mountains Range, the undulating Chihke Mountain gives the appearance of a gorgeous, orange flower carpet, due to the sea of daylily flowers that embellish its nearby slopes and distant. Even when the flowers are not in bloom, the green scenery is still captivating.

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Besides enjoying the many different daylily flavored menus, don’t forget to try another specialty of Yuli – yogan. Yuli has had a reputation for yogan production for over 50 years. People never tire of the smooth, soft, delicious mouthwatering taste, which has a sweet flavor despite its low sugar content. It comes in many different kinds of delicious flavors, making a wonderful gift for tourists to take back home!

One of Hualien’s Eight Scenic Sights is the “Antong Wash”, better known as the Antong Hot Springs. With one hundred years of history, and 15 different kinds of minerals in the water, it is ideally suited for a get-together with friends or family.
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