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*Haiduan Township*

The Nature Township 

The name “Haiduan” comes from the Bunun word “haitotowan”, meaning, “three sides surrounded by mountain, one side open”, in reference to the terrain. This township is located in the 

northwest part of Taitung County, in the Central Mountain Range area. It happens to be the vastest of Taitung County’s townships, and is largely comprised of Bunun Aborigines who subsist mainly on hunting and slash-and-burn.

Haiduan Township’s high mountains and lofty peaks, along with its green valleys and beautiful waters, create a pristine appearance unequalled in the whole county. A variety of geological and topographical landforms have resulted from changes in the earth’s crust. Scattered all over, these landforms are easy to find. The natural ecology of this township’s forests and rivers, along with the rare and precious animals and plants, all form plentiful educational and tourism resources.

In recent years, the Bunun have taken the lead in “closing the river” (the Sinwulyu River), to establish a self-governed ecological preservation area, which provides an environment where precious fish native to Taiwan, such as the Taiwan ku fish, can thrive.

The highest point of the South Cross-Island Highway is located in this township at the Yakou Scenic Area, which is also the best place for viewing the sea of clouds. Due to its mountainous surroundings, it is well suited for making echoes. However, it is less warm here than on the lower plains, and visitors here need to prepare in advance to keep warm! Jiaming Lake is the highest mountain-lake located in the southern part of the Central Mountain Range. Because of its elliptical shape, Jiaming Lake is also known as “Egg Pond”. The surface of the
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lake is an azure blue color, giving it the appearance of a sapphire among the mountains. Another name for it is “Angel’s Tears”. Of especial interest is the fact that it is the only high-mountain lake confirmed to have been created by the landing of a meteorite.
Wulu GorgeWulu BatteryLidao Settlement