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*Beinan Township*
The Hot Springs Township
Beinan Township, known as the eastern area’s strategic township for agricultural research, has an economy that is mainly based on farming. The principle cash crops include custard apples, tea, guavas, papayas, etc. In recent years,
more economical crops have been introduced, including the betel leaf of piper linn, the unripe fruit of piper linn, top-grafted pears, pitaya, etc.

This township has many agricultural research organizations, for example, Chulu Pasture, a tourist spot which produces the universally acclaimed, fragrant, nutritious milk. In addition to its wonderfully delicious milk, the scenery of this pasture helps one to relax, and sometimes herds of cattle can be seen leisurely strolling along this vast pastureland!

Because the Zhiben Hot Springs enjoy a unique rift valley terrain, one can view the beauty of the unusual mountain peaks. This natural, untouched land preserves something of its original ecology, allowing it to become a tourist area of great repute in the Taitung area. Hot Springs activities take place year-round, and visitors can enjoy the beautiful seasonal scenery while sampling the unique Taitung cuisine.
1.Liji Badlands     2.Chulu Pasture 3.Little Huangshan
Liji Moon World has experienced long-term scouring from rains, and trees and grass are unable to grow there. A unique scene of gullies eroded from the rain waters has formed, and this is a rare sight in Taiwan. Starting from Beinan Bridge or Liji Bridge, tourists can view this unique geological sight which has a breadth of two kilometers, and depth of one kilometer. The unique rocks of Little Huangshan that stand straight, looking graceful and beautiful in this secluded area, are amazing sights that tourists should not miss out on.
Chulu PastureYuan Sen Applied Botanical GardenLiji Badlands and Little Huangshan