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*Guangfu Township*
The Sweet Flavor Township
Guangfu Township is situated near to the Coastal Mountains Range. It possesses a typical, large alluvial fans plain. The land is very fertile, and sugar cane is the main crop here. The Guangfu Sugar Factory was set up in 1922, and now 
serves as a tourist sugar factory. It is famous for its ice products that come in many different flavors, and long lines of people can frequently be seen coming here.
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In addition, the factory has made use of the large sugar-cane fields to plan a green maze with an Aboriginal theme. This maze is ten hectares wide, claiming to be Taiwan’s largest outdoor, natural garden. It definitely provides a challenge to members of the public who enjoy taking risks.

In the valley opposite to the Guangfu Sugar Factory lie natural wetlands, with endless springs, namely, the “Mataian Wetlands Ecological Park”. The lilies that grow here in the summer always attract many tourists. In addition, the nearby Matai’an Bangcha Humanities Studio not only provides information on the natural ecology, carved, wooden artworks, traditional song and dance performances, and a hostel, it also allows you to become acquainted with Taiwan’s only remaining Ami ecological angling method – “balagao”, which is guaranteed to be an eye-opening experience!
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