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*Yanping Township*
The Red Leaf Township
Yanping Township lies along the side of the Luye River, and hot springs can be found everywhere. The natural simplicity of the local mountain Aboriginal settlements provides a relaxed, carefree, and tranquil feeling. The natural, outdoor
hot springs, next to the rivers and ravines, are a beautiful sight among the many peaks, overflowing with an untamed atmosphere.

The small village of Hongye, located in the township, suddenly became world famous in 1964 when their Hongye Little League Baseball Team became world champions. Visitors here can go to Hongye Little League Memorial Hall, where they can view the assorted photographs and awards, and experience a taste of the glory of that time. At the Hongye Hot Springs, surrounded by huge rocks, the spring waters ooze out from the river, seeming to form a small hot springs river, where one can relax one’s weary muscles.

1.The Bunun      2.Taitung Hongye Hot Springs    3.Hongye Little League Memorial Hall
Besides providing a lookout onto the beauty of the Luming River, the Bunun Settlement Park Area also provides us with the chance to experience the Aboriginal culture. We can enjoy the many different modern iron sculptures, wooden carvings, and slabstone art created by Aboriginal artists. Visitors here can sample the millet wine, a special product of the Bunun. If you come during a special holiday, you can enjoy the Bunun world famous eight-part singing performance.

Taitung Hungyeh Hot Spring Water Park temporarily closed due to Typhoon Morakot

The Beisian Stream flooded as Typhoon Morakot attacked Taiwan Aug. 8, resulting in mudslides’ devouring the Hungye Hot Spring Water Park in Taitung. Thus the park is closed for the moment, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Should questions arise, please contact the Luye Management Station under the Administration by phone (+886-8-9551637#101).

Bunun Tribal Leisure FarmHongye Little League Memorial Hall