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Where is the East Rift Valley?

From Taipei, the fastest trains to reach the beautiful East Rift Valley take 2 hours.

  • By train-The traveling time by rail from Taipei or Kaohsiung to the East Rift Valley is 2 hours.
  • By airplane-The fastest flight time for direct flights from Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung to the East Rift Valley is 50 minutes.
  • Getting Here
  • Local Buses

The East Rift Valley that traverses Hualien County and Taitung County features not only amazing natural landscapes but also high-quality farm produce.

Because the East Rift Valley is long and narrow and the travel time from its northernmost point to its southernmost point is 3.5 hours at least, we highly recommend 2-day or 3-day itineraries. From Taipei, you can take any train bound for Hualien, transfer to buses or rent a car, and travel along Provincial Highway No. 9 all the way to Taitung. (3-day itineraries are suggested.) Moreover, you can proceed to Lanyu (the Orchid Island) or Green Island by ferry, or head south to visit Pingtung or Kaohsiung to make your trip even more interesting.

The East Rift Valley amazes visitors throughout the year. In different seasons, paddy fields in golden sunlight, rapeseed flower field stretching for hundreds of kilometers and the sea of daylily flowers on Liushishi Mountain (Sixty Stone Mountain) and Chike Mountain showcase the beauty of nature. Furthermore, the annual hot-air balloon festival held at the Luye Highland, fresh local produce and delicious snacks and street food all attract tourists to return again and again!

Experience seasonal activities in the East Rift Valley

From the sea of romantic flowers, rural tours on the farms, local cultural festivities to soothing hot springs, the East Rift Valley is rich in both nature and culture, making it the best choice throughout the year!


  • rural tours on the farms
  • Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Top 12 Attractions

Don't know how to launch a journey when you arrive at the East Rift Valley? Just set off and try the 12 must-visit attractions. Now, set out on a journey to explore the Rift Valley!


  • Liushishi Mountain
  • Liyu Lake

The photo secrets that the expert knows

Want to find out where the most-liked pictures of the East Rift Valley on Instagram are taken? Please follow us to these secret spots, making your trip truly unique!

Spectacular scenery at a glance

  • rural tours on the farms
  • Taiwan International Balloon Festival

Uniquely charming East Rift Valley

Check this out to know how to enjoy your trip in the East Rift Valley to the fullest!

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