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Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path




The Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path was the first path in Taiwan to be built especially for cyclists. It is 15.2 kilometers long, and is divided into two sections, namely the "Water Section" and "Mountain Section". The starting point at the "Water Section" encircles the water park, following the clear, shallow Guanshan Canal and Hongshih River. Along the way, one can see wide, extensive water paddies, which take on different appearances during different seasons. Depending on whichever season it happens to be, you can see the recently planted, soft, green rice seedlings, or waves of rice plants being blown by the wind, or rice plants that are full of grain hanging down, or a golden sea of rapeseed flowers. All these scenes allow one to experience the countryside scenery of Guanshan’s four different seasons.

After the bicycle path leaves the Hongshih River, it enters the "Mountain Section". With the gradual increase in elevation, the bicycle path starts to experience a gentle up-slope. At the highest part of the bicycle path is a "Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion" which was placed there by the East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area Administration. From here, one can see a panoramic view of the township scenery, including the crisscrossing rice paddies and intricate irrigation canals, interweaving to make a simple but exquisite picture. After passing the Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion, the path gradually descends to the flat land, and soon returns to the starting point.

Because the "Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path" has already become Guanshan Township's nationally famous trademark activity, many tourist coaches can be seen parked outside the Guanshan Water Park during the peak tourist season. The many bicycle rental places provide tourists with a wide selection of bicycles. Along the bicycle path, one can find many small recreation stops, such as a strawberry field, a vanilla field, and a bamboo art stand. A very exciting, miniature racetrack and a shooting area can also be seen. This large variety of choices makes the Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path an unforgettable tourist activity.


Status In operation

Opening Hours Sunday:Open 24 hours a day
Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday:Open 24 hours a day
Thursday:Open 24 hours a day
Friday:Open 24 hours a day
Saturday:Open 24 hours a day

Address Guanshan Township, Taitung County Taiwán, R.O.C

TEL +886-89-811179


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