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Guanshan Water Park



星期二: 07:00 – 17:30


Located by the Hongshih River, Guanshan Water Park occupies a rather extensive area. The overall surface area reaches 34 hectares, and around a half an hour is required to cycle around the park. The water-play area uses about one third of the park, and mostly includes water play and game facilities. The remaining two thirds of the park area mainly include scenic pavilions, bird houses, a man-made lake, an ecological island, and a variety of natural environment educational displays.

The best time to visit Guanshan Water Park is during the summer. The park water, gushing naturally from an underground stream, not only is completely unpolluted, but also is incomparably refreshing. When the visitors take off their socks and shoes, and roll up their trouser legs, they can fully enjoy the fun of water play in the safe, clean man-made water course, fountain plaza or water play area. Children especially enjoy loading water balloons in the pond, or shuttling from one fountain to another in the fountain plaza. They play endlessly even after they are completely wet.

During the cooler weather, one can enjoy the beauty of the plants and the interesting birds in the non-water play area. This area has a man-made pond of around 800 meters. On the sides are grass and tree areas for shade. Although this area is man-made, it looks completely natural. It provides a somewhat concealed area of shelter for the many kinds of wild birds that perch by the lake, separating them from the tourist activities that would otherwise disturb them. Bird houses have been built on the path surrounding the pond, making it an ideal place to enjoy these birds. Standing on the arched bridge by the pond banks, one can enjoy the swimming fish. Standing in the large pavilions, one can look far into the distance at the view of the countryside outside the park.

The Guanshan Water Park has become a recreational place that is both educational and fun. If you have never been here, why not take time to arrange your own Guanshan Water Park tour!


Status In operation

Opening Hours Sunday:07:00 – 17:30
Monday:07:00 – 17:30
Tuesday:07:00 – 17:30
Wednesday:07:00 – 17:30
Thursday:07:00 – 17:30
Friday:07:00 – 17:30
Saturday:07:00 – 17:30

Address , Guanshan Township, Taitung County Taiwan, R.O.C

TEL +886-89-814542


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