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Chishang Pastoral Resort




As one enters Chishang Pastoral Farm Resort and looks out, vast, flat, green fields can be seen. In the distance are verdant, green multi-peaked mountains surrounded by white clouds. However, in the foreground is a dark green lush pasture which looks like a mattress. In early times, this was where Taitung Sugar Factory grew its sugar cane. In 1986, after sugar production was halted, this area became a pasture for raising beef cattle. In 1994, it also became a resort. In 2000, in order to add a unique flair to the resort, many antiques and facilities representative of Mongolian culture were brought in. These included 17 Mongolian yurts (tents) to be used as living facilities, Mongolian tribal banners flying in the wind, special Mongolian dishes of fried lamb and pork, a Mongolian chess board on the ground, a Mongolian war chariot requiring over 20 horses, and programs involving Mongolian warrior performances. This creates a strong flavor of pastoral culture from north of the Great Wall, and has become a unique aspect of Chishang Pastoral Farm Resort.

Starting from 2003, Chishang Pastoral Farm Resort, in cooperation with the Taipei Zoo in Mucha, introduced many rare plant-eating animals, including pygmy hippopotamuses, Mongolian wild horses, addax gazelles, Chapman's zebras, llamas, bongo gazelles, two-humped camels, eland antelopes, and emus. Added to the pastoral animals, such as the horses, sheep, spotted deer and cattle, this place is like a mini-zoo, another factor that draws in tourists.

Currently, this extensive 125-hectare resort allows tourists to come for free. Why not rent a bicycle, cycle down the jiadong tree forest-lined avenue at the entrance area, enter this beautiful and radiant sight with its Mongolian flavor, wander around unhurriedly in the green grassland, and enjoy this carefree and leisurely pastoral scene? Of course, do not forget to set aside some time to enjoy the lively performances and historical relics display, and experience a taste of Mongolian culture. Remember also to sample some Taiwan Sugar Corporation products and Mongolian cuisine that is made of a variety of original products.


Status In operation

Opening Hours Sunday:Open 24 hours a day
Monday:Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday:Open 24 hours a day
Wednesday:Open 24 hours a day
Thursday:Open 24 hours a day
Friday:Open 24 hours a day
Saturday:Open 24 hours a day

Address Chishang Township, Taitung County Taiwán, R.O.C

TEL +886-89-862736

FAX +886-89-861257


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