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Dapo Pond



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Dapo Pond was originally called "Dabi". It is located to the east of Chishang, and is immediately next to the Coastal Mountain Range's Jinyuan River terrace cliff. It is a "fault pond", formed as a result of fault activity in Chishang. Its water comes from an underground stream located at the tip of the Sinwulyu River's alluvial fan. The pond river flows north towards the lowlands, becoming one of the sources of the Siouguluan River. The name Chishang, "above the pond" is a reference to Dapo Pond. In early years, the fish and shrimp found in Chishang's lunchboxes came from the Dapo area.

According to historical documents, during the Japanese occupation era, Dapo Pond had a surface area of 55 hectares, and there was an abundance of fish and shrimp in the waters. Lotuses and water chestnuts also grew in the pond. After the Japanese left Taiwan, it became one of the ten scenic sights of Taitung, under the title of "The Fishing Line of Chishang". Sadly, as a result of the completion of the "Large Dapo Drainage Ditch" water conservation facility, as well as natural silting and other factors, the surface area of Dapo Pond is gradually shrinking.

Dapo Pond is an inland freshwater swamp. Due to a good natural environment, there are plentiful animal and plant ecological resources. Numerous species of aquatic plants, birds, frogs and fresh water fish and shrimp, etc. live there. Under the planning and renovation of the Taitung County Government, Dapo Pond currently has a surface area of around 20 hectares, and the surrounding embankments and wetlands are also of around 20 hectares. A footpath and bicycle path encircle the pond, allowing this to become an ideal place where people can do a variety of recreation activities, such as observe the plants, enjoy the birds, go fishing, do healthy walking, or go cycling.


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Address Chishang Township, Taitung County Taiwán, R.O.C


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