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Lintian Mountain Forestry Center




Fun tips
- Once the fourth largest forest station in Taiwan
- The rich forestry culture makes it a must-visit spot in the East Rift Valley
- Visitors can have afternoon tea at the Lintian Mountain Café
- Zhongshan Hall is the most classic building in Lintian Mountain
- The park keeps the old railway and trains that were used for transporting logs
- Many kinds of logging tools and woodcarving artwork on display

The Lintian Mountain Forest Station used to be called Little Shanghai and Morisaka in Japanese, known for preserving the most complete logging base. Although the glory of Lintian Mountain has faded, the park not only preserves logging tools and traditional firefighting tools, Zhongshan Hall and other hinoki architecture are also preserved. Lintian Mountain with a rich history of forestry is a must-visit cultural attraction for visitors to the East Rift Valley.
Lintian Mountain
The glorious past of Lintian Mountain
Lintian Mountain used to be the fourth largest forest station in Taiwan after Baxian Mountain, Ali Mountain, and Taiping Mountain. In 1918, Japanese people set up the East Taiwan Log Joint Venture Company and began logging in Lintian Mountain. After 1938, the construction of railways for logs, Zhongshan Hall, dormitory, medical room, convenience shop, rice shop, grocery store, laundry shop, barber shop, fire brigade, kindergarten, and elementary school began, making Lintian Mountain the most well-equipped logging community at that time with 400-500 households inside.
Lintian Mountain
Zhongshan Hall – cinema for the residents
The most classic building in the Lintian Mountain Forest Station is Zhongshan Hall. The whole building is constructed with Hinoki wood. In addition to serving as a common event venue for Senrong Elementary School and the forest station, there were two film projectors at Zhongshan Hall. This was a big deal at that time. Every time when there was a pink notice of a movie screening published by the Forest Station Office, even residents from Changqiao Village will take the train to come here for the screening.
Lintian Mountain
Relaxed afternoon time
Following the ban on harvesting natural forest in 1991, Lintian Mountain’s past glory became history. Now when you visit the Lintian Mountain Forest Park, you can have afternoon tea at the café full of hinoki aroma, reminisce about the joyful cinema time for past residents, appreciate the woodcarving artwork, stroll in the Lintian Forestry Museum, and imagine the past glory of Lintian Mountain.
Lintian Mountain


Status In operation

Opening Hours 09:00-17:00 Closed on Chinese New Year’s Eve and every Monday.

Charge Free
On holidays there will be professional guides from the national forest volunteer association offering guided tours here.

Address (Turn in at about the 244-km marker on Provincial Highway 9, west of Manmei Pork Knuckle Restaurant)No. 20, Linsen Rd., Fenglin Township, Hualien County Taiwán, R.O.C

TEL +886-3-8752100

Email alicemeichan@gmail.com


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Travel time



1. Take Hualien Bus towards Guangfu, Ruisui, and Yuli from Hualien Train Station. Get off at Wanrong Station and walk about 2.3km.
2. Take the train to Wanrong Station then walk about 2.3km.


Southbound: Drive towards Taitung from Hualien along Provincial Highway 9. Turn right to Provincial Highway 16 at the 244-km marker in Wanrong. Follow the signs and you will arrive at Lintian Mountain.
Northbound: Drive towards Hualien from Taitung on Provincial Highway 9. Turn left to Provincial Highway 16 at the 244-km marker in Wanrong. Follow the signs and you will arrive at Lintian Mountain.


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