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Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area




Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area is located in Fuyuan Village, Ruisui Township, Hualien County. Camphor trees are mainly grown in this forest recreation area. The forest's many footpaths are found above the Fuyuan River source. The sides of the river valley are dense with camphor tree forests and low-altitude broad-leafed trees. The luxuriant, towering camphor trees are one of the distinguishing characteristics of Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area. There is a gentle fragrance of camphor in the forest, making this forest valley a good place to take a forest bath.

Due to the pristine, natural environment, it is ideal for butterfly breeding. The best time to come see the butterflies is from March to August. Over 30 species of butterflies can be seen fluttering in the forest, including the common bluebottle, the great orange tip, the byasa polyeuctes termessus, the common mapwing, the satyridae and the cappis formosana. They create a picture of thriving beauty. In addition, the season for viewing the luciola cerata fireflies is from March until May, and the season for viewing the Taiwan lychnuris sanguiniventer fireflies is from September until November. As darkness sets, thousands of fireflies can be seen, looking like a moving ribbon of light flashing and dancing between the meadow and forest, creating an unrivaled sight!

In addition to the camphor forest and butterflies, Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area's precariously steep river valley terrain makes an imposing view. Large, unusual-looking rocks can be seen everywhere in the river. Fuyuan River's abundant, clear water surges and rages among the massive heaps of stones. The Fuyuan Waterfalls can be seen soaring from stone cliffs. The water flows in a stately, imposing manner. The Fuyuan River's unique "running water springs" are the most amazing geological feature of this area. Even though they lack boiling hot-spring water and steam, these "mobile hot springs" that move with the changing water flow and spring up at indefinite times from the river bed make a fascinating sight. Through the boring of wells, businesses have managed to produce a stable hot-springs source, and provide outdoor hot-springs services.


Status In operation

Address Ruisui Township, Hualien County Taiwán, R.O.C

TEL +886-3-8812377


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