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Nanan Waterfall




The Yushan National Park Nanan Visitor Center can be found after leaving Yuli Township and going around 10 kilometers west along Highway No. 18. After going a further 2 kilometers, you will see the 50-meter tall Nanan Waterfalls coming down from a roadside cliff.

The source of the Nanan Waterfalls originates in Dalixian Mountain, located in Zhuoxi Township in Hualien County. Because this mountain and forest area has been well preserved, water resources are plentiful. In addition, the steep mountains result in water pouring out over precipices, resulting in the amazing Nanan Waterfalls.

Below the Nanan Waterfalls are many ponds of different depths. During the hot summers, this spot becomes a natural swimming pool where tourists can cool off. When the sun shines on the steam caused by the waterfalls, beautiful and fascinating rainbows are created. Together with the moist, slippery rock faces that have slow growing moss and ferns, they create a lovely, mysterious appearance.

Some people like to sit and rest in the pavilion below the waterfalls, listening to the sound of the water cascading down. The water flow looks like broken strings of pearls, falling into the ponds. Others like to soak in the ponds below the waterfalls, and enjoy the natural massage spa, allowing the penetratingly cool water to cleanse the entire body.

After going on for about another 4 kilometers from Nanan Waterfalls, the Walami Trail can be found. From the trail entrance, you can enter Yushan's east park area. Much of this trail has been well preserved. In this undamaged, low-altitude broadleaf forest, the beautiful sight of squirrels and macaques can often be seen on the trail. After enjoying the thrill of playing in the waters under the Nanan Waterfalls, why not then take a walk along the Walami Trail, and experience the enchanting sight of Taiwan's mountain forests?


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Address Zhuoxi Township, Hualien County Taiwán, R.O.C

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