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Liushishi Mountain




Fun tips
- August to September each year is the Long Yellow Daylily season.
- There is a painting by the French artist, Julien Malland Seth, on the water tower.
- Stargazing of the galaxy is possible on Liushidan Mountain at night.
- The sunset and sunbeam (crepuscular ray) are the best-known scenery of Liushidan Mountain.
- Try the long yellow daylily meal.
- Wang You Ting (the worry-free pavilion) is the best spot for enjoying the beautiful scenery of Liushidan Mountain.

Blooming season: August to September
Best time for seeing sunbeam: 15:00-17:00
Liushidan Mountain, Chike Mountain, and Taimali Mountain are the three main areas for growing long yellow daylily and therefore the best spots for seeing the flowers in August to September every year. Liushidan Mountain is a part of the coastal mountain range of an altitude of 800m in the east of Zhutian Village, Fuli Township. After going up the winding mountain roads, you will see endless fields, with some farm houses, and a pavilion sitting in the golden daylily fields, like a beautiful painting of the countryside.
 Liushidan Mountain
The origin of the name, Liushidan Mountain
Why is it called the Liushidan Mountain? According to the locals, back in the Japanese colonial period, each “Jia” (a unit of measure for land, equivalent of 0.9699 hectare) of rice field had the typical yield of about 40-50 Dan (an ancient unit of measure; 1 Dan is approximately 31.5kg); while fields in this area had a yield of 60 Dan of grains, and therefore the name, Liushidan (Sixty Dan) Mountain. An alternative story is that during the Japanese colonial period, this area used to be a forest of camphor trees, which were all chopped down for producing camphor. Later, people found 60 large rocks lying on the hill, and therefore the name, Liushishi (Sixty-Stone) Mountain.
 Liushidan Mountain
The little girl that sleeps on her side in a sea of flowers
Every year in August to September when the long yellow daylilies bloom, the hills are covered by a golden carpet of flowers. This beautiful scenery inspired French artist, Julien Malland Seth, to paint “the little girl that sleeps on her side in a sea of flowers” in August, 2015. With time passed, the painting might decade and become gradually unclear. If you get a chance to visit the sea of long yellow daylilies at Liushidan Mountain, try to spot the sleeping girl and take a picture with her.
 Liushidan Mountain
The quiet charm
Liushidan Mountain outside of the blooming season has a different charm. Lush green hills extending for many kilometers will give you a sense of openness. Standing on the pavilion and looking over Huadong Valley or enjoying a night sky full of stars are sure to become unforgettable memories.
 Liushidan Mountain



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Travel time



Traffic control during the long yellow daylily season
1. The industrial road on Liushidan Mountain is limited to cars smaller than (and equal to) 9-seaters.
2. Driving: One-way uphill and one-way downhill. Enter from Zhutian Village at the 308.5-km marker on Provincial Highway 9. When going downhill, follow the signs towards Amei River/ Dongli Village.
3. Riding motorcycles: Enter from Zhutian Village at the 308.5-km marker on Provincial Highway 9, and take the same way back.



There will be traffic control during the long yellow daylily season. Shuttle buses are available.

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