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The image of the East Rift Valley made by the hand of international stone sculpture artists will be displayed in Yuli Township.



To promote tourism in middle area of the East Rift Valley and strengthen the overall tourism energy of the East Rift Valley, we specially invited the international stone sculpture master, Stephen Woodward and the stone sculpture artist of Taiwan, Cai Wen-Qing, to jointly create two sets of stone sculpture artworks, four pieces in total, in Yuli, Hualien.

This activity was organized by the Administration and Yuli Township Office. The Director of the Administration, Lin Wei-Ling indicates that the reason that Yuli was selected to display the artworks is its location at the center of Hualien and Taitung area. It's hoped to combine the scenery of the Valley with travel and art in the activity, making it the starting point in the East Rift Valley art travel.  Therefore, we specially invited the two international stone sculpture artists to include the terrain feature of the East Rift Valley and its atmosphere of slow living into their works using the material of white marble and granite. The artists named their artwork the “slow motion, slow walker” and “slow moving mountain, slow moving valley”. The former uses personification to symbolize the elderly who enjoy life slowly and the young who dance to celebrate their youth. The latter present the unique beauty of the East Rift Valley through its landscape features. These artworks are not only for visual appreciation. You can also turn them slowly by hand, which allows the visitors to interact with the artworks in a way beyond the traditional imagination for arts.