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Getting awards constantly! The marketing film "East of Taiwan" for Hualien and Taitung won the Platinum Remy Award at the International Film Festival.



The beauty of East Taiwan has been internationally recognized! The theme of "East of Taiwan", produced by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, is based on the magnificent natural beauty, geological landscape and multi-cultural scene in Hualien and Taitung. The film won the best Asian film award at the ART & TUR International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal in 2018, and then won the Tourism Platinum Remy Award at the 52nd   Houston International Film Festival in 2019.

The 3-minute long "East of Taiwan" film shows a number of beautiful scenery in Hualien and Taitung, including Niushan Huating Leisure Park, Danongdafu Forest Park, Qixingtan Beach, and Qingxiu temple, etc. There are three different tourist markets shoot in the film for attracting parent-child tour, women light tour, and backpackers in-depth tour.

The Houston International Film Festival, which is attracted a large number of independent film and television works, is one of the three major film festivals in North America. There are more than 50 countries participated in the competition, and more than 1,500 short films competed this year. Only 15% of competitors can award the prize. The East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration believes that our award-winning work can attract more and more international tourists to visit east Taiwan without doubt.

"All Taiwanese should proud that the beauty in Hualien and Taitung!" After winning the award, the film Director Zongyu Liang said that the magnificent mountains and coastal plains in the film convey the true feelings of travelers on the land of east of Taiwan. Other different types of travelers can also find their own way to visit here. So, why don't you go to Hualien and Taitung in person?

You are welcome to watch the film "East of Taiwan" on YouTube.