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"Tribal Travel on the Table" in the East Rift Valley won the "Local Culture Promotion Contribution Award" in "shopping design-taiwan design best 100".



Tribal Travel on the Table

The theme “Tribal culture x (and) Beautiful secret place x (and) Table experience”, produced by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, invited the famous Ami chef Yaozhong Chen, agricultural esthetician Mu ren cao and five local Tribal residents to develop new menus combing the traditional ingredients with the local culture. The "Tribal Travel on the Table" won the "Local Culture Promotion Contribution Award" in "shopping design-taiwan design best 100". One of the menu "Hala Terrace Table" from the Gilamidi tribe in Fuli, Hualien was recognized by the Hong Kong media as "a world-class sustainable tourist spot. They described that “it’s a journey of washing your body and mind after enjoying a tribal fine dining.”

The award "Shopping design-taiwan design best 100" is always not far from you, only you don't pay attention to feel and discover it. Every year, it will gather 100 pieces of wonderful design things that you can't miss in Taiwan. According to East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, the main concept of "Tribal Travel on the Table" is to tell a story with a table of meals. Therefore, They invited the famous chef and agricultural esthetician as a food consultant worked with people from five tribes, including Taiba Wu from Guangfu Township, Ma Yuan from Wanrong Township, Zhiluo from Yuli Township, Gilami from Fuli Township in  Hualien, and Yongkang from Yanping Township in Taitung to create a new meal and experience itinerary. Tourists are planned to visit Ami wild vegetable market, or to weave the traditional lover bag, which are to experience the tribal culture and their daily life. At the same time, the visual design of the table and each meal adds the spirit of the Indigenous people who prefer to use the natural resources, such as bamboo basket, betel nut and shell-flower leaf for the homemade food utensils and seasonal flowers and fruits as  plate decoration to present the beauty of the daily tribal life.

Especially, the theme “Tribal culture x(and) Beautiful secret place x(and) Table experience” activity focuses on the “dining table”. The places for the dining table are selected from next to the giant banyan in the forest, the United Nations certified green tourist destination, Ami traditional house, 180-degree-view mountain hunting house, and in the rice field engraved replica "seeing Taiwan", etc. Each activity was fully booked.

Some Internet celebrities from Taiwan and overseas have taken part in and supported "The Tribal Travel on the Table". The Japanese photography blogger Kengo Kobayashi, who is famous for his love of Taiwan scenery, took a lot beautiful pictures about 600-year-old Autumn Maple Tree and residents in Yongkang tribe as well as delicious food. He climbed the top of Yongling Mountain at an altitude of 900 meters, looking at the 180-degree view of the Rift Valley without any barriers. Kobayashi also tasted every dish that the tribal residents had cooked. All dishes were served in the order of the starter, soup, and main course (meat). The homemade food utensils and colorful seasonal flowers and fruits as plate decoration are just like   French cuisine, which made him unforgettable.

The famous Hong Kong TripTaiwan blogger Xiaojie came to participate in the activity “Haramy Sky Terrace Table”. She said that she felt the vitality of nature when she came to the "green destination" selected by the United Nations. It’s also a journey of washing the mind and body after having the exquisite tribe fine dining. She really enjoyed the moment of communication with the Tribal residents and activity team workers who have put a lot of effort into it.

The Youtuber Tujia (best of Taiwan) from Turkey also deeply felt that the Tribal residents are very respectful of their land that provides life resources after the cultural experience thoughtfully arranged by the tribes. He was impressed by tribal residents who were willing to reveal all of their culture with others, and not showing off. He hopes to visit the tribe frequently to attend such meaningful activities every year.