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More Seasonal Travelling Incentives for trips to East Rift Valley attractions





The incentives include accommodations, and enjoy hot springs, local grommets and souvenirs offering by the promotion strategies of The East Rift Valley National Scenic Areas of the Tourism Bureau. 


The events program effected from the 1st of September 2019 that consists of highlighting on 11-12 September, the “2019 Huadong Bike Tours”, designated cycling routes as fun and relaxations, an easy rides gathering started from Liyu(Carp) Lake in Hualien to Taitung; riding through the beautiful scenic of South-East Pacific coastal Highway 9 & East Rift Valley of Highway 11 & County Road 193 & 75 bike routes; for reaching your challenge on distance of 320K or 175K, as you prefer.  All participants for this event, might have opportunity by gaining a designer’s T-shirt by globally well-known aboriginal artist Yushifu.  


Further highlight of the event program is scheduled on 19th of October for the 2nd of annual “Rice-fields Carpets’ Runway Show” presenting by designers of Sabra Andre and models of Eelin Catwalk; at old Dongli Cycling Station, where is popular eye catching of the lush fields surrounded most of the old Dongli Railway Station, is one of popular picturesque landmark and halfway of cycling routes on the East Rift Valley.


Moreover, follow “Slow Moving Cycling Tour” which scheduled on the 16th of November, taking place at Fenglin Twonship in Hualine County, where is the first international recognized downshifting lifestyle township in Taiwan. 


You are welcome to participate the most scenic areas throughout East Rift Valley, the enjoyment of fully leisure for relaxation, making a mostly pleasant journey and unforgettable experience for your visit.