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East Rift Valley Tribe & Tourism Alliance First Try in the Super Cute Activity “Cartoon Channel-Picnic Party”



East Rift Valley Tribe & Tourism Alliance
First Try in the Super Cute Activity “Cartoon Channel-Picnic Party”

This time, “East Rift Valley Tribe & Tourism Alliance” will participate in “2017 Cartoon Channel-Picnic Party” held by the world-renowned cartoon channel in Taichung. We will share the most impressive tribal tour and high-quality tribal cultural and creative products with people on the spot.

There will be giant inflated cartoon star and marvelous activities such as cartoon star fans meetings and fairs. In addition, the “East Rift Valley Tribe & Tourism Alliance” will show the abundant cultural and creative products from 12 tribes. Including high-quality purple rice, which is originated from Mi-Jan Tribe in Shou-Feng Villages, Hualien. It is a healthy crop grown in Sea Shore Mountain Range without contamination and irrigated by Maifan stone mountain spring water with no chemical pesticide. Moreover the delicate colored rice art from Chih-Lo tribe in Yu-li Town (Chunjih), where a big footstep was shown in “Beyond Beauty-Taiwan From Above” filmed by director, Chi, Po-lin. The colored rice art is made from villagers insisting on planting by eco-friendly and organic methods with millet, black sticky, purple, and brown rice. Finally, the sunrise coffee is cooked with medium and light roast. It is also alluringly mellow with rich fermented aroma which is from Dian-Guang village in Taitung Kuangshan. The flavor is sweet with a fruity taste. These are all of the main features in this picnic party.


We host this event several times, it has always been really successful. We welcome you to join this event on Sat, November 11 at Taichung. Additionally, we provide 500 cups of free simple for everyone to try. We hope our picnic party will give you the most impressive and unforgettable tribal culture feast of East Rift Valley.


For more information of the activity, please refer to:East Rift Valley Tribe & Tourism Alliance-Official Website