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Best! Fantastic! Wonder Land of aboriginal trips is waiting for you!




East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau

Best! Fantastic!
Wonder Land of aboriginal trips is waiting for you!

Have you ever heard about East Rift Valley? Have you ever been to East Rift Valley? Except for the must-see places such as Taroko gorge, Qixingtan and Mr. Brown Avenue, do you have any idea where the moving tree is? Did you experienced the shock of bomb in “Kaadaadaan tribe”? Or eating the native cuisine cooked by local ingredients?


This year (2017),
Located in Hualien and Taitung country, composed by 14 tribes of “Tourism alliances of East Rift Valley Tribe”.
The amazing Taiwanese aboriginal tribes tour is launching for you!
Calls your friends join us!

The most extraordinary and interesting tour you will never miss.
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Trips to Mount Ci Poipoiy'am - August
When coming to Liyu Lake of Hualien (Shoufeng Township), the natural ingredients and local delicacies are something that you can’t miss. Ride a bike and start a pleasure trip, you may praising the scenery alone the way. Through the Cipoipoiy’am Bridge to the tribe, there are rich variety of ecology and enthusiastic indigenous people, guiding you path through the ancient trail, full of history and culture. Explore the taste of Ina and experience the DIY of arrowroot or the rainbow rice. Otherwise, the trip in Ceroh tribe (Yuli Township) where is full of verdant grasses and wave of light golden paddies you can experience the traditional culture of Pangcah Amis such as fishing and hunting. The Ci Poipoiy'am Trip is welcoming you.
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Magic Trip of bike riding in Kunnan - September
“Vataan wetland (Guangfu Township)” named by Amis, because of pigeon bean was fast growing, hardly and widely adaptable in the past. Experience the traditional culture of “Palakaw (fishing skills)” which is the wisdom descended by the ancestor. Visiting Kunuan tribe (Wanrong Township), the “Bunun’s Eight-Part Polyphony (Bunun Language: Pasibutbut)” which is known as the original instruments made of bamboo accompanied by heavenly sound from aborigines. After the trip of ancient trail, here comes the “Ihownang Tribe” which is named by the maple tree. Have lunch under the centuries of banyan tree and tasting the flavor of local foods, then making traditional archery and bamboo ware’s by yourself. The abundant and interesting itineraries of secret areas are totally involved in Magic Trip of bike riding in Kunnan. Don’t miss your best chance to visit it, or you may just have to wait till next year.
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Slow riding and pleasure wandering at Kaadaadaan (Formerly named as “Diengong Huo”) - October
There is one place that we should not miss while visiting Taitung. That is “Pasikau tribe (Yanping Township)” which you can learn wild cooking by obtaining materials form local resources, traditional sacrificial rites and hunter experience through practice. To visit the Kaadaadaan tribe (Guanshan Township) backed by a gentle breeze while having field experience of riding bike slowly, and experience the long-standing Kaadaadaan’s bomb. Taste of rice which is deeply affected by Japanese emperor, the traditional lifestyle with bright stars all over the sky at night. Welcome to enjoy the different lifestyle in Kaadaadaan tribe (Formerly named as “Leigong Huo”)
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Slow travel of Avatar in Sazasa - October
The moving trees which is located in “Sazasa tribe (Yanping Township)”. It seems to approach into the scene of Avatar. There are no boundaries in Sazasa tribe which is full of natural landscape with plentiful ecology. Following the Bunun people to sing aloud and feeling the special experience of being integrated with nature. The fragrance of rice waving on both sides of trails makes you marvel at God’s favor of valley when riding bike along the field trail. In glory night of October, a Grand National firework show is going to be held in Taitung County for the first time in 2017, the slice of bright sky lights up the whole Taitung County. Slow travel of Avatar in Sazasa is waiting for you to experience the unprecedented new trial travel.
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