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Let's dance! My Bunun children



A Stroll from Duq Pu San to Du Da

LuMing River is scenery of the rift valley. Bunun tribe can be found in the tableland between Pasikau and Takunas in the mountains. To preserve Bunun peoples' indigenous optimism, goodness and cultural heritage, a spotlight of the Aboriginal culture is established. Clansmen dance in the wind express their elderly aboriginal civilization to travelers. The voice of singing echoed in the valley and travelers' mind. This is celestial sound in the valley. Through clansmen's sonorous voice, nature is described as the most beautiful poetry.

I meander in the tribe with travelers' steps. The spray of the waterfall fall down from the top of mountain in Lu-Ming Butterfly Valley. I can dimly hear the calling from hunters in the school of Bunun eastern tribe to clansmen about their harvests. The echoes in the valley reflect clansmen's life. Travelers can also walk to the temple to make a wish. My sincere wish is that the beauty of the rift valley will exist forever in all travelers' hearts. Whenever they need it, they can come back here to feel it and touch it. This is the best way to free your soul and refresh your mind.

When I look back the tribe, I seem to hear Bunun children singing with the sound of a babbling brook in the Talunas legend. This makes travelers' hearts throbbing again. Every step makes the land tighter; every jump is impressive to travelers' heart deeper and deeper like the roots growing. I will never forget the touching journey, a corner in the mountains filling with clansmen's expectation and the aromatic smell from burning charcoal in the tribe. Shall we dance! Shall we dance in the Bunun tribe and see the most impressive sight.


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Bunun tribe impression

Bunun Clansmen dancing

Bunun wood carving