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The country symphony to Cilangasan Mountain



The country symphony to Cilangasan Mountain


Waves of grains from the rice field on the Cilangasan mountain-front Soft whispering takes ride with the wind down from the canyon along the emerald-coloured ridges to the plain, where it nurtures the aboriginal tribes and their families beside a creek. Here we see the future of Sasuraratan no Pangcah.It is a place for the tribesmen to learn from, and to inherit their tribal culture. Along the friendly No.193 county road, stories of the aboriginal culture unfold here and are piled up in stacks around the corner. The sense of literati cultivation here unveils as if Spring came visit with its refreshing breeze. In the campus, the sound of mother-tongue chanting for the aborigine disciple and the young dancers from various tribes, they dance in the forests to communicate with nature and the spirits of their ancestors. There the corner belongs to the canyon with its exquisite touch. Only under the holy mountain of Cilangasan could we expect for such beautiful view. In the foreseeable future, we would witness the tracks of young hunters acquiring traditional fishery skills, how they set up snares, and hunting skills of every sort. The Sasuraratan no Pangcah is waving her hand at us, expecting for our visit; To prolong her song of harvest, and to count the stars hanging around the moon in the days where waves of grains swinging in the rice field.


The Tafalong glutinous rice field on the east river bank, Home to the white crabs, The tribesmen are working hard seedling the soil. The wild ducks are seeking for food and entertaining themselves. The scorching sun warms up the atmosphere and a sense of happiness fills up the canyon. If you should visit this tribe, Along the stroll we may see different lights of every country side, Where the Totem of Pangcah(Amis) and the wooden statue take up their own corner, and enjoy the breeze and sunlight around the canyon.
As you take a stroll, let go of the hustle and bustle of city life,
And to rejoin the moment of easy pace and relaxation that belongs to a quality life. Take a bit of Tafalong Red Rice as it sweetens your hearts, You would find that unique summer tastes of the canyon in the afternoon of summertime laziness. And from that fumigated taste of Red Rice, you experience the touch of passion and pleasant scent.
Now pack up your bags! Rent a bicycle at Kuang-Fu train station, and ride along the crisscross country road to Tafalong, and to witness the biggest tribe in-between the canyon and the plain and the unique life of Pangcah(Amis) aboriginal tribe.


  • Pangcah、Amis
  • Cilangasan
  • Sasuraratan no Pangcah
  • Tafalong


The aboriginal tribe young people

Cilangasan school

The Entrance of Cilangasan school

The Tafalong glutinous rice

The Nature