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Crash Landing on You - registration for “2020 Liyu Lake Fireflies Festival” begins on March 22nd!



Still obsessed with the Korean drama, "Crash Landing on You", and can't get enough of the romantic love story between the hero and heroine? Every Friday and Saturday from April 2nd (Thursday) to May 2nd, a love story of the fireflies unfolds in Hualien Liyu Lake Scenic Area.

Hualien County's Liyu Lake Scenic Area is blessed with a rich natural ecosystem and distinct climate, enabling fireflies to breed here. They emit green light and pass through the forest in the night from April to May, transforming the place into a "fluorescent forest". Light is the mating signals between the opposite sex of adult fireflies; they make use of unique flash frequency to emit mating signal to the opposite sex. The female fireflies often crawl or fly for a distance before stopping on branches, leaves or mountain walls to flash and attract male fireflies. Hence, Liyu Lake is filled with the light of love from April to May. This year's "2020 Liyu Lake Fireflies Festival", organized by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC (the Administration), is held in Liyu Lake Scenic Area every Friday and Saturday from April 2nd (Thursday) to May 2nd.

There are free fireflies guided tours offered by volunteers, and on April 2nd (Thursday), and every following Friday and Saturday, there are dedicated firefly buses of Hualien Route provided by Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, departing from Hualien Railway Station at 18:00 and returning at 20:00. With the "Fireflies-watching ticket", which cost NT$120 per ticket, visitors can board the shuttle bus as well as redeem a souvenir from the event venue. The souvenirs include practical placemats and collapsible cups with rift valley designs, as well as Hualien's local snacks such as "Yuli Yokan" and "Rakoto Record Cracker" (subject to availability).

In response to the severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19), the Administration specially imposes relevant epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of the visitors. The measures include traffic control during the fireflies watching event, measuring of forehead temperature and hand disinfection with alcohol offered by volunteers upon entering, and putting on masks where necessary. The Administration wishes the visitors a safe, happy, memorable and educational ecology tour.  Visitors heading to the fireflies watching event are reminded to follow the guidance of the volunteers and staff, not to carry umbrellas or wear high-heels or sandals to ensure personal safety, and to cover their torchlights with "red cellophane paper" to reduce light pollution, so as not to affect the ecological activities of the fireflies.