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Online registration for "2020 Tribal Tour on Dining Table" begins on September 4th, inviting you to share a taste of the past



This year, "East Rift Valley Tour—Tribal Tour on Dining Table", organized by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter referred to as the "Administration"), enters its third year. There are more in-depth activities which incorporate the characteristics of the tribes into performances, inviting visitors to walk into the scenes of the event. With the theme, "Share the good old taste", visitors are invited to savor the old classic flavor of the tribal villages.  Online registration of the event begins on September 4th, and vacancies are limited. This is a not to be missed event for those who love in-depth tours of the tribal villages, and those who wish to explore tribal food culture and stories.

Last year's (2019) "East Rift Valley Tour—Tribal Tour on Dining Table" has evolved from a flat to three-dimensional dining experience. There are vocal performances of tribal songs that complement the tribal cuisines and unique cultures. Those who are interested in tribal culture are able to embark on an adventurous journey of "tribal songs x local culture x scenic secret spots x dining experience" in a dining space surrounded by music and nature scenery.  This year's (2020) Tribal Dining Table Version 3.0 brings visitors to a more in-depth dining experience, connecting food with musical performances to learn about tribal food culture. Traditional tribal staple food such as corn and red glutinous rice, combined with the festive atmosphere of family gatherings of the tribal people, are the highlight of the tribal dining table. Multi-level story lines are presented by incorporating "stories of the elders X scenario performance X classic old taste X impromptu cooking" to deepen the understanding of tribal food culture.

In order to collect the most classic old taste of every tribal village, the staff have been visiting the tribal elders in the past few months to find stories about staple food that can best represent the tribes.  In addition, the event's iconic figures, including Golden Bell Award winner, chef Canglah, and agri-food specialist, Du Yifang, will again be appearing at this year's dining table. According to consultant Canglah, "the elders believe that only when we avoid wasting food can we have a good harvest. In the past, there were no writings in the tribes to pass down to the next generation. Food and lifestyle are the most important heritage, and to the tribes, culture begins from food." This year's theme aims to preserve more disappearing tribal cooking methods and seasonal cooking methods.

This year's "East Rift Valley Tour—Tribal Tour on Dining Table" comprises 9 sessions of activities held in 5 tribal villages, with five themes: Uninang (Yongkang) Community's "Hunter's outdoor dining table", Tafalong Community's "Red glutinous rice paddy picnic", Kunuan Community's "Forest-based pestle music banquet", Ceroh Community's "Giant footprint in paddy banquet" and Kamcing Community's "Millet and swing picnic". Like in the past, a vast dining space surrounded by the scenic 180 degree valley, under the giant banyan in the magical forest, and in the millet plantation, is created. The cooking is done together with the scenario performance of reproducing the tribal village's old taste, where visitors can learn about the legend together while tasting the simple original flavors.  Yongkang Community's "Hunter's outdoor dining table" uses corn as its main ingredient. Visitors get to learn that in the past, corn was used in signature cuisines such as rice packs for hunters, as well as the children's favorite corn jelly.