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B.R.M. outpost cyclists challenge their endurance and limit, Guanshan Town Fun Ride launches in full swing



Known as Taiwan's races with the most beautiful track, "Taiwan East Bay Cycling Challenge, 200K and 400K on Provincial Highway 9 and 11" and "Guanshan Town Fun Ride" begin at 7 am at East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration and 2 pm at Guanshan Railway Station respectively. 

Around 200 participants gathered in Ruisui for the 200K and 400K Challenge; they include locals as well as top sportsmen from France, Germany, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. They will be embarking on a challenge to break through their limits and strive for honor. The top 5 finishers will be awarded by the Administration with an exclusive jersey specially designed by world famous designer, Andre, as well as a box of Hegang pomelo sponsored by the township mayor of Ruisui Township.

The biggest difference of this year's "2020 Taiwan East Bay Cycling Challenge, 200K and 400K on Provincial Highway 9 and 11" compared to previous years is that the cycling route will undergo an assessment for international certification from Brevet De Randonneurs Mondiaux (B.R.M.) in September. This event is an outpost of B.R.M., and many participants are here, aiming to obtain the B.R.M certificate. Local participants include entrepreneurs from Hsinchu Science Park, doctors, professors, etc.; one of them is the 70-year-old Mr. Liao, who is both a triathloner and marathoner. He will be challenging himself by cycling with others along County Highway 193, Provincial Highway 11A, Hualien County Highway No.75, Provincial Highway 11, Provincial Highway 30 (Yuchang Highway) and Provincial Highway 9, accompanied by the beautiful ocean scenery, mountain views and swaying paddy fields of east Taiwan.

The famous "Guanshan Town Fun Ride" in Guanshan of Taitung, known as the hometown of rice in the rift valley and awarded the 2020 Small Town by the Tourism Bureau, also attracted 329 adults and children from different places. There are family relay games where participants can collect food and scenery stamps based on the map to redeem Guanshan rice, food vouchers provided by the organizer for visitors to purchase and savor signature snacks and local souvenirs, DIY activities such as handmade bento and Aiyu organized by Kuanshan Township Office, and exciting music performance given by Biung. While enjoying a leisure ride surrounded by the beauty of Guanshan's paddy fields and mountains, visitors can also experience the warmth of the people in the small town.

Next year (2021) is the Year of Cycling Tour announced by the Tourism Bureau, as well as the 100th anniversary of B.R.M. According to the Administration, the participants will receive a specially made medal from France to mark the 100th anniversary of B.R.M next year. We look forward to meeting you again next year.