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Gathering of the Liyu Lake Pixies on Halloween: Learn the Magic Spell for Protecting the Environment



Organized by the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and co-organized by the Tzu Chi Foundation, Liyu Lake Marketplace Development Association, and Qing Yang Farm, the environmental education promotional event "Gather Round! Pixies - the Protectors of Liyu Lake" was held on October 31st at the Liyu Lake Visitor Center, Dancing Water Platform and Tan Nan Constructed Wetland, featuring eco-friendly picnic, eco-friendly bazaar, eco-friendly materials flash mob performance, eco-friendly handmade DIY, street-roaming in eco-themed costumes, obstacle games, nighttime scavenger hunt, and other exciting activities, which attracted hundreds of people to participate.

Chen-Ling Kuo, Director of the Administration, pointed out that the Administration highly values the rich ecology of Liyu Lake, and has therefore established the Liyu Lake Environmental Education Center in 2016. Since 2017, it has been promoting environmental education courses such as "Wetland Purification", "Amis Traditional Culture and Folk Plant Applications” and “Nocturnal Observation.” For the first time this year, these environmental education courses were promoted to the public in conjunction with the Halloween activities. Through these creative and fun environmental education activities, children will develop environmental and ecological awareness. It is hoped that one day, these young environmentalists will become the little trailblazers that protect Liyu Lake and be the new force that takes care of the planet.

In the afternoon, the "Grand Assembly of the Pixies" set off the climax of the entire event. Nearly a hundred children dressed up in Liyu Lake ecology-themed costumes made from environmentally friendly materials, transformed into pixies at the Dancing Water Platform. Under the guidance of the emcee, they performed the oath ceremony of "Guarding Liyu Lake" with Deputy Director Ming-Hao Chuang, expressing their determination to observe the concepts of energy saving and carbon reduction, cherishing water resources, caring for life, and respecting nature. Following the oath ceremony, the Silver Gentleman and the Tree Elf living statue portrayed by Kidsking Taiwan, and the big cat and dog mascots of the Tzu Chi Foundation, led the pixies from the Dancing Water Platform onto the streets, and to the Tan Nan Constructed Wetland. The group spoke auspiciously to the shopkeepers in the Liyu Lake marketplace in exchange for sweets, which became one of the highlights of the event.

Deputy Director Chuang indicated that, in addition to the three existing courses of environmental education in Liyu Lake Environmental Education Center, two new teaching plans will be developed in the future, including trial teaching and experimental activities. All those interested are welcome to stay tuned for further updates from Liyu Lake Environmental Education Center and the opportunity for course registration.