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Covid-19 prevention comes first – the Cycling in East Rift Valley event is cancelled.



    East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) planned to launch the event, Cycling in East Rift Valley, on September 10-12, 2021 to promote cycling tourism that is featured in the area. Various activities included the East of Taiwan Cup Cycling Challenge (200 and 400 kilometers), East Rift Valley Township Cycling Tour – Yuli branch, and the mountain bike race in conjunction with the golden needle flower season of Chike Mountain. Considering the difficulties in implementing “masks at all times” guidelines during long-distance cycling and prioritizing pandemic prevention, it was decided that the event will be cancelled to prevent potential virus transmission. Participants who have signed up are advised to follow pandemic prevention guidelines accordingly and adjust their travel plans as soon as possible.

    Director Kuo Chen-ling of the Administration stated that, this year's Cycling in East Rift Valley activities, in accordance with MOTC 's multi-route integration and promotion plans, included the newly renovated Ruisui-to-Yuli route, “Cycling to Where the Plates Meet.” Ride along Provincial Highways 9, 11, and County Highway 193 to enjoy the beautiful mountains of East Rift Valley, the healing waves of rice fields, and the magnificent ocean views of the East Coast. The time-limited Chike Mountain hiking route during the golden needle flower season was also featured with local tourism. It was hoped that visitors can experience the beauty of East Rift Valley through cycling. However, pandemic prevention must be prioritized, and the event had to be cancelled. Further promotional activities will be planned in accordance with future pandemic prevention guidelines.

    For participants who have completed registration and made payment, the Administration will refund the full amount. A refund registration page will be added to the event website. Registered participants will also be notified to complete the refund registration before August 27, 2021. The refund shall be transferred to participants' bank accounts before September 11, 2021. No refund-related service fees will be charged.