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2022 East Rift Valley Hot Spring Festival awaits. A 200-dollar cuisine voucher giveaway for hotel booking. Register receipt to enter a lucky draw for accommodation vouchers!



It's time to embark on a trip to enjoy hot springs and cuisine along the East Rift Valley! Echoing the Tourism Bureau's “Taiwan Hot Spring" tourism campaign, the East Rift Valley National Scenic Area administration also launched marketing campaigns for the 2022 East Rift Valley Hot Spring Festival. This year, featured areas along the East Rift Valley with hot springs include Ruisui, Wulu, Luye, Antung, and Zhiben. From May 1 to July 30 of 2022, visitors can get a 200-dollar cuisine voucher for each hotel booking under the campaign. In addition, they can join the lucky draw for East Rift Valley accommodation vouchers by registering the receipt online. The soothing nature of the East Rift Valley awaits! It’s time for a fun summer trip to enjoy hot springs.
Among Eastern Taiwan’s abundant hot springs, the East Rift Valley boasts several renowned hot springs. Unlike a typical hot spring experience in winter, a summer trip to enjoy hot springs in the East Rift Valley under the stable climate alongside picturesque countryside scenery and rich produce is even better! Many seasoned travelers never miss out on the opportunity to tour the East Rift Valley on a hot spring getaway while devouring local delicacies. According to Director Guo Zhen-Ling of the East Rift Valley Administration, the East Rift Valley Hot Spring Festival has expanded its featured areas to include Wulu, Luye, and Zhiben in Taitung in addition to Ruisui and Antung. Endeavoring to draw visitors all over the island to the diverse beauty the East Rift Valley has to offer, various hot spring hotels, as well as the local industry consisting of delicacies and souvenirs, are highlighted. Director Guo also expressed gratitude to the Tourism Industry Association for Ruisui Hot Springs of Hualien County, Antung Hot Spring Tourism Association of Hualien County, Association for the Tourism Promotion of Zhiben Hot Spring, and the Tourism Association of Taitung County for their support in organizing the festival. The administration looks forward to more future collaboration.
The East Rift Valley Hot Spring Festival offers two major giveaways! Visitors who have booked a selected hotel through the official website or telephone under the “East Rift Valley Hot Spring Festival” campaign get a 200-dollar cuisine voucher upon check-in. Vouchers are limited in amount and issued on a first-come-first-served basis. The voucher can be used to redeem food, produce, and experience activities at selected restaurants and souvenir shops including Old House Local Dishes in Ruisui, Green Tea Meatball in Ruisui, Yuli Noodles, Rice County School in Guanshan, and Uninang Cultural Workshop in Yanping.
In addition to cuisine vouchers, from May 1 to July 30 of 2022, visitors who have stayed in selected hotels under the campaign can register the receipt (uniform invoice or receipt) of their stay online by uploading the photo of the receipt to enter a lucky draw. Prizes include 171 accommodation vouchers for featured hotels and hostels in the East Rift Valley and 50 gifts, amounting to over NT$1 million in value. Meanwhile, the selected hotels and hostels in association with the festival offer special deals in addition to the limited package under the campaign. Visit the official website or make an inquiry upon booking for more information on the special offers.