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East of Taiwn|恩典與歡慶|Grace and Celebration|恵みと祝い|은혜와 축하



 East of Taiwn
恩典與歡慶|Grace and Celebration|恵みと祝い|은혜와 축하
These seven visitors carried out different journeys in the East Longitudinal Valley according to their various interests and preferences.

Two of these visitors went hiking in the mountains and forests to listen to the friendly stories of local aborigines and Formosan Black Bears.

Three of them rode electric assistive bicycles across the junction of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate to feel the shock of the creation of the earth.

The other two visitors explored rural life to experience the hard work of farmers and taste the abundant commodities from the East Longitudinal Valley.

Finally, they stepped into the tribe together and experienced the wisdom of local indigenous life.

At the end of their journeys, they experienced the essential spirit that the locals want to transmit,
which includes the lessons that the mountains and ocean are always there,
human beings interact and live with the natural environment,
and the sincerest interactions are among people.

This promotional film is from Hualian and Taitung, Taiwan.
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Grace and Celebration-Comprehensive version
▶️(中文)    👉East of Taiwan|恩典與歡慶 Grace and Celebration 
▶️(English) 👉East of Taiwan|Grace and Celebration
▶️(日本語) 👉East of Taiwan|恵みと祝い Grace and Celebration

Grace and Celebration-EP1-Returning to The Nature
▶️(中文)    👉East of Taiwan|恩典與歡慶 Grace and Celebration |EP1 回到自然
▶️(English) 👉East of Taiwan|Grace and Celebration|EP1 Returning to The Nature
▶️(日本語) 👉East of Taiwan|恵みと祝い Grace and Celebration|EP1 自然への回帰
▶️(한국어) 👉East of Taiwan|은혜와 축하 Grace and Celebration|EP1 자연으로 돌아가기

Grace and Celebration-EP2-Be Friendly to The Lands
▶️(中文)    👉East of Taiwan|恩典與歡慶 Grace and Celebration|EP2 友善大地
▶️(English) 👉East of Taiwan|Grace and Celebration|EP2 Be Friendly to The Lands
▶️(日本語) 👉East of Taiwan|恵みと祝い Grace and Celebration|EP2 大地に優しく
▶️(한국어) 👉East of Taiwan|은혜와 축하 Grace and Celebration|EP2 자연 친화적 토지

Grace and Celebration-EP3-Experiencing The Culture
▶️(中文)    👉East of Taiwan|恩典與歡慶 Grace and Celebration |EP3 體驗文化
▶️(English) 👉East of Taiwan|Grace and Celebration|EP3 Experiencing The Culture
▶️(日本語) 👉East of Taiwan|恵みと祝い Grace and Celebration|EP3 文化を体験
▶️(한국어) 👉East of Taiwan|은혜와 축하 Grace and Celebration|EP3 문화 체험