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Getting Here

Cities that have transportation links to the East Longitudinal Valley by road, rail and air
Cities that have transportation links to the East Longitudinal Valley by road, rail and air :Taipei、Taichung、Kaohsiung、Nantou、Tainan、Taitung、Fonggang, Pingtung County、Hualien


Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) ←→ Hualien Airport(HUN)50minutes

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) ←→ Taitung Airpot (TTT) 50-60minutes

Taichung Airport ←→ Hualien Airport(HUN)60minutes

Kaohsiung Airport ←→ Hualien Airport(HUN)65minutes

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Hualien Airport

Bus service number: 03-8210768

Business Hours: 07-21:30

Taitung Airpot

Bus service number: 089-362530、089-362531

Business Hours: 07:00-Last flight


  • Railway

    Travelling by train is the most convenient way to get to the Hualien and Taitung areas. Taiwan Railway that runs through the East Longitudinal Valley has played an important role in local public transport. However, it can be very difficult to get weekend tickets. So, please remember to book your train tickets to Hualien or Taitung 2 weeks in advance!

    Train schedule inquiry

    Taiwan Railway booking website

  • Cruise-style Trains

    Unlike normal trains that arrive and depart soon, cruise-style trains make stops at various locations. Passengers are allowed to get off the train for sightseeing, come back on the same train and head for the next destination along the way. The tour provides shuttle service from the rail terminals to the tourist attractions as well as all kinds of experience activities. With a range of different cruise itineraries, the cruise-style trains offer package trips that include convenient transportation, comfortable accommodation, and tasty food.

  • TRA Bike Trains

    Are you fond of cycling? Want to try a different way to travel? Bike transport services by TRA trains would be your best choice. You can travel with your bike on the same train, begin cycling through the East Longitudinal Valley once you arrive, and enjoy the spectacular scenery on your beloved bike.


For those who are too late to book train tickets in advance, we recommend "combo tickets," including a bus ticket and a train ticket. Passengers can travel on a bus first and then switch to a train bound for Hualien and Taitung.

Taipei ←→ Yilan(1915、1917) 70minutes (Kamalam Bus)

Kaohsiung ←→ Taitung(1178) 3hours30minutes (Kuo-kuang Bus)

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Bus Information System

Kuo-kuang Bus


Another way to explore the beauty of the East Longitudinal Valley is a self-drive tour. You can drive southbound from Taipei to Hualien and Taitung to see amazing mountain views and refreshing ocean vistas.

Taipei ←→ Hualien 181km (Provincial Highway No.9)

Nantou ←→ Hualien 189km (Central Cross-lsland Highway)

Taipei ←→ Taitung 335km (Provincial Highway No.9)

Pingtung Fonggang ←→ Taitung 96km (South-Link Highway)

Tainan ←→ Taitung 211km (South-Link Highway)

Real-Time Traffic Info.

Highway Bureau

Inquiry Hotline for Highway Condition : 02-23113456#1968

Information Hotline for Traffic and Disasters : 1968

Radio Condition via Broadcasting

Police Broadcasting Service: 02-23888099

Police Broadcasting Service: 0800-000123