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Liyu Lake Live Cam

Shoufeng Township
  • TodayWeather 多雲 23-33°C 30%
  • 09/23Weather 24-32°C 30%
  • 09/24Weather 23-32°C 20%
  • UV Index Low
  • Air Quality Indicator Excellent

Liyu Lake Live Cam

Liyu Lake with shining water is next to Liyu Mountain, one of the Little 100 Peaks. It is a pretty drop of water among the East Rift Valley mountains. The beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, as well as diverse water activities make it a popular among tourists. The shaded circular road around the lake is a great place for cycling and a walk, popular among locals. The firefly season in April also makes it an excellent outdoor classroom.

The constantly changing weather at Liyu Lake can be annoying. Visitors need to adapt quickly to the sunny or drizzling weather. Through the real-time video streaming, you can have a full grasp of the local weather and head to Liyu Lake with full confidence to enjoy the great nature.