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Ceroh Community

Ceroh Community

  • Small farms, big dreams
  • About the tribe

    Small farms, big dreams

    The Ceroh Community is located in Yuli Town of Hualien County along the Xiuguluan River and picturesque County Road 193. Its residents include indigenous Amis and Han Chinese. The three main crops of this community are paddy rice, arrowroot and bamboo shoots.

    A group of farmers has formed a team named Alida 86 (Mipaliu) to promote the community's agricultural products and tourism, with Mipaliu referring to the harvest period in the Amis language. During harvest time, residents help one another to finish their work, in the spirit of the traditional division of labor of the Amis people. The members of this team reflect on the values of the traditional culture and economy and put them into practice. With a respect for nature, they place importance on every aspect of farming from cultivation of crops to the dining table. They also share a love of and big dreams for their hometown.

  • Giant footprint in paddy banquet
  • Tribal cuisine

    Giant footprint in paddy banquet

    A large footprint has been created in a rice paddy, and this has become the site for outdoor banquets. Here, you can taste the natural flavors of locally grown foods including paddy rice, arrowroot and bamboo shoots. Through cuisine, a door is opened onto the lifestyle and culture of the Ceroh Community.

    ※Indigenous cuisine meals are also available in the community.

Visiting the tribe

  • Guided cultural tour

    Guided cultural tour

    With a community guide, start at the local police station, through which the Tropic of Cancer passes. Then, sit under a large tree where the late Chi Po-Lin, director of the documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above, once met with residents during filming. Finally, enter the community and experience its culture.

  • Farming experience

    Farming experience

    amboo shoots are called “Kingtol” in the Amis language. They grow in the Coastal Mountain Range where they are harvested from June to October. Arrowroot, a natural thickening agent, is referred to as “Alida” and is harvested from November to April. Different experiences and foods are available depending on the season.

  • Lover's bag DIY

    Lover's bag DIY

    Lover's bags are worn during traditional Amis ceremonies. In this community, they have been transformed into a daily accessory. After listening to an introduction of their cultural background, work in small groups to make them. This is not only a handicraft making experience, but also an opportunity for interaction and exchange.

  • Grain art DIY

    Grain art DIY

    Colorful grains are used to create artworks that ser ve to promote this community's agricultural products. This has become a specialty activity of this community. Beautiful images can be produced by layering locally grown red rice, purple glutinous rice, millet, white rice and brown rice.


  • Itinerary 1

    One-day paddy banquet experience : Guided cultural tour → farming experience → giant footprint in paddy banquet → grain art DIY
    The Itinerary “giant footprint in paddy banquet” : quota of people is 30-40, only during May - December.

  • Itinerary 2

    Half-day indigenous cuisine experience : Guided cultural tour → grain art DIY → indigenous cuisine meal


  • By Car

    PProvincial Highway No.9 > Yuli Township > 1section Zhongzheng North Road > 193County Highway > Ceroh community

  • By Train

    From Taipei : Taipei Station > Eastern mainline Line > Ruisui Station > Hualien Bus 1135 > Chuenr Station (Ceroh community)
    From Kaohsiung : Kaohsiung Station > South link Line > Ruisui Station > Hualien Bus 1135 > Chuenr Station (Ceroh community)