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Secret photography spots that only experts know

  • Golden Trumpet Tree

    Golden Trumpet Tree
    Season :

    Spring, early to mid March

    Xingchuan Canal (You can get to the place from Fuxing Village or take the access road next to Fu Yuan Junior High School.)

    Whenever the golden trumpet trees start to bloom, they are all the rage among tourists. In Hualien, the most popular location to see the golden trumpet flowers is on Provincial Highway No. 9, right next to Fu Yuan Junior High School.

    Lines of golden trumpet trees extend for almost 300 meters on both sides of the canal. The bright yellow flowers flourish every March against the backdrop of distant lush green mountains. The canal with the shiny golden flowers and their reflections in the water offers a picturesque scene that is as beautiful as an oil painting, making it a new attraction to check in on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Danongdafu Bikeway (Southern Route)- Maple Leaves

    Danongdafu Bikeway (Southern Route)- Maple Leaves
    Season :

    The best season of autumn leaves is around December and January.

    Go south from the visitor center of Danongdafu Forest Park. After crossing a "rainbow" bridge that looks like a fishing rod, make a turn and you can get to the southern route of Danongdafu Bikeway.

    If you are wondering where to see fall foliage in the flatlands, just come to Danongdafu Forest Park! The southern route of Danongdafu Bikeway is lined by rows of common elaeocarpus, sweetgum trees and green maple trees. When autumn comes, leaves begin to change colors from lush green to bright yellow, and next to fiery red. The gorgeous fall foliage along the bikeway always attracts many fall-color tourists from near and far.

    Visitors can stomp through the crunching fallen leaves and listen to the sound of autumn. Or, just look up through the branches of maple trees with strikingly colorful leaves, and capture an air of romance against the seasons of desolation.

  • Yuzhan Nursery- Bald Cypress Trees

    Yuzhan Nursery- Bald Cypress Trees
    Season :

    Winter. The best time to visit is December and January.

    Yuzhan Nursery (Add: No. 131, Access road of Pinghe Tribe, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County) NT$50 per person

    Images of Yuzhan Nursery's bald cypress forest has gone viral on the Internet because its scenery is as beautiful as Yun Shan Shui Villa Home (The name literally means cloud, mountain and lake). When the time comes, the bald cypress forest in great autumn colors always attracts crowds of tourists to view the foliage.

    In fall and winter, the leaves of bald cypress trees change from green to cinnamon. Reflections of the spectacular autumn colors in the water along with the koi carp swimming in the pond create a fantastic view that rejuvenates the landscape.

  • Daquan Community

    Daquan Community

    Story Street, the nearby Lasoay Fountain nicknamed "Blue Tears"

    Story Street:

    Ln. 82, Sec. 1, Zhongshan Rd., Guangfu Township, Hualien County

    Blue Tears:

    From the back of Guangfu Sugar Factory, go straight on Ln. 15, Dajin St. to arrive the Lasoay Eco Park.

    As walking into "Ln. 82, Story Street, Daquan Community," you'll find that many of the walls on both sides are decorated with kids paintings describing how early farmers worked so as to pass down the memories of rural villages for more people to understand the diligence of hard-working farmers.

    Near the Story Street, there is another secret spot, the Lasoay Fountain. Because of its amazingly blue and crystal clear water, it is nicknamed “Blue Tears.”

  • County Road 193

    County Road 193

    Churi Ceroh Luman Lake, (Summer) flame trees and golden shower trees, (Autumn) pomelo trees

    As the longest county road in Taiwan, Country Road 193 with a total length of 110.92 kilometers begins at the southern Sanjhan area in Xincheng Township in the north, and ends at Lehe Village in Yuli Township in the south. Also, it is the most popular cycling route in Taiwan.

    Along County Road 193, the beautiful countryside scenery accompanies cyclists through the East Longitudinal Valley. In different seasons, cyclists will be soothed and mesmerized by blazing red flowers of flame trees, bright yellow blossom of golden shower trees, limitless rice fields, or a sea of clouds rolling down the mountains like a waterfall. Just hop on your bike and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating ride on this uniquely unrivalled scenic route!

  • Yuli Golden Shower Flower

    Yuli Golden Shower Flower
    Season :

    Summer, in June and July

    County Road 193, from Lehe to Dongfeng

    In the months of June and July, the section between Lehe and Dongfeng along Country Road 193 is covered with shiny yellow flowers of golden shower trees, making the area of 2 kilometers long a breathtaking golden avenue.

    Golden shower trees in full bloom line both sides of County Road 193. In the summer breeze, clusters of lovely golden-yellow flowers gently sway and some petals fall to the ground like a shower of golden rain. Surprised by the charming scenery, many tourists stop here to take photos as well as capture everlasting good memories.

  • Kecheng Bridge

    Kecheng Bridge
    Season :

    Sea of flowers: Spring plowing season

    Golden rice paddies: Late May to June, Late October to December

    Kecheng Bridge (Add: No.294, Sec. 1, Renai Rd., Yuli Township, Hualien County)

    The red arch Kecheng Bridge is a popular tourist attraction in Yuli Township, Hualien County. Either a sea of colorful flowers in springtime or the lush green rice fields in summertime provides an interesting contrast with Kecheng Bridge. During the autumn harvest season, golden rice paddies swaying in the wind with the background of the red arch bridge create picturesque scenery. After the harvest, the reflection of Kecheng Bridge on wet rice paddy fields is even more attractive.

    The seasonal changes and its function as a railway bridge have made Kecheng Bridge the best place for photographers and railfans to visit.

  • Ercengping Sea of Flowers

    Ercengping Sea of Flowers
    Season :

    Spring, a sea of cosmos flowers

    Ercengping Sea of Flowers

    The area Ercengping is nicknamed the "Water Running Upward in the East Longitudinal Valley." Due to the fact that local terrain conditions stopped water running downstream for agricultural irrigation and resulted in the lack of adequate water supply, the once-abandoned ditch was reconstructed to the Ercengping Water Bridge to provide a stable water supply for irrigation. Because of an optical illusion, it looks as if the water is running uphill.

    The arch Ercengping Water Bridge made of bricks in red and white accompanied by a sea of cosmos flowers creates quaint and incomparable scenery, making it a popular spot for flower tourism in Taitung.