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Visit East Longitudinal Valley in Four Seasons

Visit East Longitudinal Valley in Four Seasons

With the changing of seasons, the East Longitudinal Valley has different sceneries. Besides the magnificent sceneries, there are also many interesting activities to do, from tours of flower fields or natural farms, to cultural festivities and baths at hot springs. All the sceneries tell the beauty of the East Longitudinal Valley and all the exciting activities awaits you to experience them. You will not be bored in any season here!

January to March

  • Sea of flowers
    Gorgeous patchwork of the earth

    The East Longitudinal Valley stretches for hundreds of kilometers. When the lands lie fallow, farmers will plant rapeseed or cosmos as green fertilizer. In the middle of January, the yellow sea of rapeseed flowers will be in full bloom, and acres and acres of colorful cosmos stretch to the sky. The magnificent and splendid country scenery will instantly catch tourists' eyes! It sure is the signature landscape of the East Longitudinal Valley.

  • Fenglin Snail Market
    Enjoy the wonderful things in the slow town of Fenglin

    Why is the market called "Snail Market"? Fenglin is one of the members of Cittaslow International, which promotes downshifting in eating food and living life. The slowness of a snail makes a perfect mascot for the slow-pace Fenglin. Coming to the market, you can take a leisure stroll down different stalls to look at all kinds of goods, handcrafts, and local produce, and taste the delicious snacks made with local ingredients.

  • 2626 Market
    Markets at designated times

    2626 Market is established by a group of people who love their hometown, Taitung. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month, from 2pm to 6pm, they will set up the stalls at the Wuling Green Tunnel. Since it is a special weekend farmer's market, which sells all kinds of signature produce, snacks and handcrafts, it often attracts tourists to shop here. Not only is it one of the must-see markets in the East Longitudinal Valley, but it is also a platform where small farmers and artists can exchange their experiences.

April to June

  • Firefly Eco-Tour
    A galaxy of little lights

    The mating season for fireflies is every April and May. You can always see dots of light flying among the grassy area and in the woods. Twinkling with green and yellow-green light, it seems like a moving Milky Way. Adults and kids will be amazed with this view. Many photographers come to take pictures of this sight as well. It has become a popular eco-tour at night.

    Where to see firefly:

    Liyu Lake, Danongdafu Forest Park

  • International Triathlon Contest
    Challenge personal limits

    Every spring, the Hualien International Triathlon Contest will be held in the Liyu Lake area. Not only does the event combine healthy sport and sightseeing tours but it also attracts many top triathlon athletes and tourists from all around the world.

    Swimming, cycling, and then running at the beautiful Liyu Lake are not just a test for athletes' endurance and perseverance, but a challenge to their own limits.

  • Hiking
    Looking out over the stunning views of the Longitudinal Valley

    In addition to admiring and taking a deep breath of the golden waves of rice and the sea of flowers, there are many hiking trails for tourists to walk on in the area of the East Longitudinal Valley, such as Nanan Walami Trail, mud volcano in Luoshan, Ecological Trail in Fuyuan Community and Luntian Trail, etc. All these trails provide different perspectives for which to overlook the spectacular scenery of the mountains and seas in the Longitudinal Valley and experience the local characteristics on each trail.

July to September

  • Taiwan International Balloon Festival
    Let the dream take off

    Traveling to the Longitudinal Valley during the summer vacation, you can't miss the big event like Taiwan International Balloon Festival and Night Glow Concerts! These events attract thousands of people to attend. You can ride in the dreamlike hot air balloons and let it take you slowly up in the air to overlook the lush green Luye Highland and enjoy the splendid Night Glow Concerts. It will sure be impressive and unforgettable!

  • Aboriginal Harvest Festival
    Songs and dances that shake the earth

    Every July to September, the tribes in Huatung area hold large harvest festivities. Through singing and dancing rituals and all kinds of traditional ceremonies, aborigines give thanks to the ancestral spirits, as well as pray for an abundant harvest in the following year. Such overpowering singing and dancing rituals always attract tourists from all over the world to come and experience them. However, keep in mind to respect each tribe's customs and taboos while participating in the harvest festival.

  • Season of Orange Daylily
    Romantic Golden Flower Carpet

    Every August and September, the orange daylily will carpet the entire Liushishi Mountain. A large area of golden flowery carpet stretches far and wide. The golden flower is not only beautiful but also an ingredient for many delicious dishes. Besides admiring the orange daylily during its blossom season, don't forget to purchase a package of dried daylily flowers and to taste the yummy daylily ice cream!

  • Lost in Fenglin Tobacco Barn- Ghost Night Parade
    Time to be odd! Creative Ghost Month Event

    Every year in July on the lunar calendar, there is a Ghost Night Parade held at the Fenglin Tobacco Barn. As people dress up in all sorts of demons and ghosts around the Japanese style tobacco barn, the atmosphere just gets creepier and more peculiar. Incorporating the folklore and ghost stories about the haunted house, the Barn beckons people who love adventure and who love experiencing extreme horror and excitement.

October to December

  • Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Festival
    Sing and Dance in the Waves of Golden Rice

    The "Autumn Rice Harvest Festival" at Chishang Township has been around since 2009. As the golden rice fields are the stage, mountains and clouds are the best background curtain. Famous pop groups and singers are invited to participate in the event every year. As they sing and dance with all their hearts along the waves of rice, they compose Chishang's own culture and art. It is the most primitive expression of both the land and nature!

  • The Sound of Autumn Harvest - Fuli Harvest Music Festival
    Resounding music in the valley

    On the vast meadow in the valley, visitors can admire the view of rice waves swaying in the wind, listen to powerful music or dance along with the music. If tired, you can also walk around the market or have a picnic on the meadow. Enjoy the music mixed with the singing of insects and birds. Indeed, it is a different way to experience the countryside!

  • Hot Spring and Food Carnival
    Warmth of the hot spring in a cold winter

    There are hot springs along the East Longitudinal Valley. Whether it is a beauty bath that dissipates fatigue or a golden bath that helps mothers give birth to boys, they are all popular. Besides Ruisui Hot Spring, Hongye Hot Spring, and Antong Hot Spring, which all have a long history, Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch & Resort and Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area both have hot springs as well. Taking a bath to relieve stress in a hot spring couched by such beautiful surroundings is sure to be a great enjoyment!

  • Taiwan Bike Festival
    Chasing the wind and Racing in the Longitudinal Valley

    Cycling around the island is one of the things that is in many people's bucket list. Riding a bicycle in the East Longitudinal Valley is even more pleasant. The Taiwan East Bay Cycling Challenge has 300k, 150K and mountain-bike orienteering activities. Contestants can enjoy not only the vast rural landscape, the towering mountains on both sides, but also the simple hospitality of the small towns in the Huatung area. Therefore, gather your friends to come and experience bike-riding by the sea and mountains of eastern Taiwan.

  • The Season of Golden waves of rice
    The air is filled with the fragrance of rice

    The most classic scenery in the East Longitudinal Valley is the rice field, that stretches hundreds of miles. From spring ploughing to autumn harvest, the rice field turns from green to yellow. The idyllic scenery is different all year round. It is also the most vivid memory of many tourists who visit the Longitudinal Valley.