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Pasikau Tribe




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Season Spring、Summer、Autumn

Category Recommended tours


The Xin Yue (Stars & Moon) Garden Camping Site located in Basikau Tribe of the East Longitudinal Valley is surrounded by the Central Mountain Range. Because it also faces the Beauty Mountain of the Coastal Range, Xin Yue provides idyllic mountain views. It is cast in bright sunlight in the mornings. In the afternoons the nearby mountains are enwrapped in layers of clouds and mists. At night, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the dazzling starry sky.

Wangyou Valley takes people's worries away. If you wish to immerse in Nature, take a walk in this valley. A full trip takes about 2 hours and you shall find beautiful waters and lakes all along the way. The water is cool and refreshing. We recommend that you take off your shoes to dip in it a bit. There are also rare plants including wild mushrooms. Moreover, many of the rocks have interesting shapes – some look like animals. In fact, early settlers once lived in harmony with all other living beings here. Why not come here to feel the soul-awakening power of Nature in Wangyou Valley?

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Day 1
Abus Weaving Studio (Exercise your brains and hands!)-->Yanping Gas Station (The only bucket-order gas station in Taiwan ); Taoyuan Elementary School-->Indigenous food experience (“A Bai” DIY)-->Xin Yue Garden (Campfire BBQ)-->Indigenous astrological tales
Day 2
Breakfast-->Wangyou Valley ecological tour-->Indigenous cuisine