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Easy Tour Package

Easy Tour Package

The signature landscapes of the East Longitudinal Valley are the golden rice fields and the rapeseed fields that stretch for hundreds of miles. The charming country scenery allure people to want to come and visit. However, traveling across the scenic spots in Hualien and Taitung, transportation and the timing of when the rice will be ripe can be tricky. Indeed, you have come to the right place to find out how to make the most of your trip to the East Longitudinal Valley.

Transportation in the Longitudinal Valley

  • Foreign visitors can take the Hong Kong Express Airway to Hualien, or take a plane from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung to Hualien or Taitung. However, after entering Taiwan, the train is the most convenient way to travel to the East Longitudinal Valley.

  • Visitors can take city bus, Hualien Bus or Dingdong Bus when getting around in the East Longitudinal Valley. Visitors can also buy Easy Tour Packages, like the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle or i-Chihshang Mountain Line Pass. It is an easy way to travel in the Longitudinal Valley.

  • Train tickets to the Huatung area can oftentimes be difficult to get. Visitors from different areas can ask whether the hostels they stay in offer charter or carpool services. Or visitors can go to the website of major travel agencies to find out whether they offer driver/guide service to take you around the East Longitudinal Valley.

Pre-arrival preparation

  • The goods purchased in Taiwan contains 5% sales tax. Most of the shops give out receipts. If visitors shop at the appointed stores for foreigners and spend over NT$2,000 in one day, you can ask the clerk to give you a tax refund form.

  • Foreign visitors can apply for iTaiwan's account online in advance. After entering Taiwan, you can use your passport to activate the iTaiwan account and use iTaiwan's Wi-Fi service for free. Sometimes free Wi-Fi is also available to guests in the cafes and restaurants.

  • Smoking is prohibited in public places in Taiwan. However, in some stores and public places, there will be a designated smoking area for people to use.

  • Fire Department/ Ambulance: 119

    Police: 110

    Emergency: 112

    Tourism Advisory Hotline of Tourism Administration: (02)2717-3737

  • In Taiwan, the voltage generally ranges from 110V to 220V at a frequency of 60Hz. Appliances brought in from abroad must first confirm whether the voltage and frequency match those of Taiwan. The most commonly used plug has two flat pins. Do remember to bring an adapter if your electrical devices require a different outlet. In addition to the 2-prong plug, 3-prong plugs are used for computers and home appliances here as well.

  • Weather can be unstable from January to March, but visitors can admire the scenery of the rapeseed field and the sea of clouds. From May to June and October to December, rice becomes mature in the East Longitudinal Valley during these two seasons. It is a great time to admire the golden waves of rice. From July to September, you may want to participate in big events like the Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taitung and the Aboriginal Harvest Festival.

  • In the spring, the climate in the Huatung area varies and is prone to rain or orographic rain. Therefore, it is recommended to dress in layers and bring along rain gear. In summer and autumn, the weather is hot and humid during the day, but cool at night. It is better to wear comfortable and breathable clothes. Keep in mind that from July to September is the typhoon season. Pay attention to see whether the Longitudinal Valley is affected. In winter, the northeast monsoon is strong and can cause occasional rain. The average low temperature is about 15 degrees. Do remember to bring rain gear and thicker coats.

  • There are six tourist centers in the East Longitudinal Valley providing travel services. If a store, convenient store or a police station has a yellow sign on it, it means that they also provide simple tourist consultation services, such as recommending local points of interests for tourists. A free travel information DM is also available for tourists.